Virginia Goodwill Network Public Policy

Updated: February 8, 2018

Strengthening Virginia’s Workforce Development System

The Virginia Goodwill Network supports the following initiatives:

HB 916 (Landes) & SB 560 (Hanger): Long Term Employment Support Services & Extended Employment Services

The Virginia Goodwill Network supports codifying these important state programs supporting employment of people with disabilities. These programs have long been funded by the General Assembly to fill gaps between other employment programs but have never articulated the goals and outcomes in State Code. This will clarify the intent of the General Assembly.

HB 672 (Kilgore) & SB 181 (Stanley): Repeals Requirement of Suspension of Driver’s License for Unsatisfied Judgements or Nonpayment of Fines and Costs

The Virginia Goodwill Network is concerned that the loss of a driver’s license has a significant impact on the ability of workers to get to work, especially those who have other barriers to employment. We view a punishment that jeopardizes access to work as counterproductive to the success of the worker and to the payment of fines and judgements.

Budget Actions

The Virginia Goodwill Network supports the Governor’s proposed increase of $2 million per year in the Workforce Credential Grant Program. The program successfully supports workforce credentialing programs at Virginia’s Community Colleges and has increased the number of individuals receiving industry credentials or certifications in high-demand fields.

The VGN supports enhancement of the successful Employment for TANF Participants Program by adding $2 million in each year to expand the applicant pool for comprehensive programs designed to move individuals who are low income out of poverty through obtaining and retaining competitive employment with the prospect of a career path and wage growth.